Please contact us at any time for advice on the use of your Stockstill.

To check if your Stockstill is working correctly, please follow the Trouble Shooter.


Your Stockstill is a precision built electronic instrument.
Due to the environment in which it is used, the Stockstill can be subjected to a variety of extremes and mishaps. Statistically very few problems occur even in older units.
With harsh operating environments, we accept that there will be some faults. Stockstills come with a two year warranty and at all times, we will attempt to minimise any inconvenience. It may be that a fault can be identified over the phone and a solution found. In some cases the Stockstill will need to be returned to us for servicing.

Suspect Stockstills should be posted to us at:

Curlybark Pty Ltd, 72 High Street, Ebbw Vale, 4304 Queensland Australia.

Within Australia:

Include all clips & leads for testing. Unless otherwise indicated, your kit will be returned to you fully operational with a full compliment of accessories. Enclose a description of the problem, a return address and your email or phone contact details.

From outside Australia:

Please contact us in all cases before sending anything.

Send only the bare Stockstill unit, no leads, battery, case etc.

Clean thoroughly the outside & face of the unit with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Australian Customs will intercept & treat any Stockstill that is not cleaned of all animal residue. This will incur a charge. We will contact you upon receipt of the Stockstill.


Due to large distances, lengthy freight times, incomplete instructions etc, we have formed a policy to ensure that every serviced Stockstill is returned complete and 100% ready for operation. This is deemed necessary for both your benefit and for your animal’s welfare. Should you receive parts that you do not need or want, please post them back to us straight away for a credit. We treat every service as urgent and make every effort to despatch the next day.

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