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We have been distributing Australian Stockstill products since 1989.

With over thirty years of totally positive experience using Australian Stockstill at “Killara” we are well placed to advise clients on all aspects of the use of this exceptional Australian invention.

Feedback from the thousands of Australian Stockstill users in Australia and around the world has been consistently full of praise Australian Stockstill offers a welfare advantage for the animal and many advantages for the operator.

Considerable research has been focused on two aspects of the use of Australian Stockstill.

  1. Does the application of Australian Stockstill alone cause stress?
  2. Does the use of Australian Stockstill produce a pain blocking effect for the animal.

There have been mixed opinions on both questions. Trials have been done in some instances with no attempts made to heed the manufacturer’s instructions unfortunately resulting in negative indications. Other trials within our control have resulted in such statements as (from an Animal Welfare Advisory Committee) “Australian Stockstill represents a welfare advantage for the animal.”

Various individuals and groups with no experience in the field of animal handling or restraint have exerted considerable influence on political debate on the subject.

The facts as we see it on these two important questions are: (when used in accordance with instructions)

  1. Does the application of Australian Stockstill alone cause stress?
    A low level of stress may be caused for the animal BUT when compared with other restraint methods currently in use, the Stockstill has a minimal effect and can certainly be considered humane by comparison.
  2. Does the use of Australian Stockstill have pain blocking effect for the animal.
    When applied with care and precision, it has been proven beyond doubt to produce a strong pain blocking effect. Whilst we acknowledge this, we also accept that in the field with varied circumstances and operators, this level of pain block will not be achieved every time.

Our conclusion and one which is supported by Professors, Veterinarians, Scientists, impartial observers and the people who handle animals is the same as that of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee quoted; namely that when used in accordance with the instructions, “Australian Stockstill Represents a Welfare Advantage for the Animal.”


Utilizing our marketing infrastructure & contacts made through the supply of “Australian Stockstill”, we have since added other products to our range. Electrobrand is a major addition.

Our empathy is with the farmer.

Our products assist the farmer.

We undertake without hesitation to offer at all times 100% integrity in our business activities.

There will be no misrepresentation of products or their claimed performance.

There will be total honesty in all transactions.

We need a profit margin to survive but we also appreciate that our customers are in the same boat.

If you, the purchaser, are not happy with a product, FOR ANY REASON, you may return it to us, in good condition, within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price. (Freight will not be refunded).

In anticipation of your valued custom, we thank you for your support.

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