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Australian Stockstill Field Test Procedure

N.B. This procedure will in most cases determine the servicibility of your Stockstill’s circuitry. In rare cases, even though this procedure has indicated the unit is OK, it can be possible that there is a fault that may only be detected with specialist test equipment. Should you use this test procedure to confirm serviceability & still have doubts as to its performance when connected to an animal, we recommend you return the unit to be thouroughly checked & tested.

  1. Plug in your usual leads. Leave the ends open circuit. ie. Do not touch the clamps together. Switch on the unit at full power. Go to 2, 3& 4.
  2. If there is no sound or light, try a new battery. If still no sound or light the Unit is faulty. Go to 14.
  3. If there is no sound but the light is on, follow testing procedure using the light as the only indicator. The buzzer circuitry is faulty.
  4. If the alarm sounds continuously & the red light glows. (No light on earlier models). Go to 5.
  5. Short the output leads. ie. Touch the needle point against the mouth clamp or other needle point. Go to 6 & 7.
  6. If the alarm silences & the red light goes out, hold the leads shorted for a few seconds to encourage the low battery alarm. Go to 8 & 9.
  7. If the alarm & the red light continue, the unit, battery, or leads are faulty. Go to 10.
  8. If there is a regular beep, beep, beep and flashing of the light, there is a low battery, unit probably ok.
  9. If a continued silence, the battery is ok and unit is working as far as it is possible to determine from this field test. Exit Test Procedure.
  10. Short the output terminals. ie. Connect the two metal prongs in the output socket on the unit with something metal. Go to 11 & 13.
  11. If the alarm & the red light continue. Go to 12 & 13.
  12. If the alarm & the red light continue, though perhaps with a feeble sound from the buzzer, there is a very low battery, or faulty unit . Try a new battery.
  13. If the alarm silences & the red light goes out & stays out. the unit is ok & the fault is in the leads. Progressively add leads, testing as you go, to determine which lead is faulty bearing in mind that shorting the leads should always silence the alarm.
  14. Unit is faulty. Return the WHOLE KIT to us for attention. WHOLE KIT means every thing you have, including the battery.
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