Curlybark are the Distributors of the Stockstill cattle immobilizer for humane animal restraint.  The original electronic immobilization (EI); all service on the Standard Stockstill; sales, service, parts & information on the Australian Stockstill.

Curlybark is proud to now have a distributor in Colombia:

Sole Distributors for COLOMBIA
Luis & Jacobo Emura
Carrera 7 #43-224
Edificio Codegar, Oficina 505
Celular: 310-423 6521 y 311-764 4722
E-mail: tatequieto@gmail.com
Pereira Colombia

Curlybark also manufactures Electrobrand 12Volt electric branding irons. Brands may also be supplied modified to run from 240VAC/12VDC or 24VDC.  We supply all Electrobrand  electric branding iron sales, service, parts & information.  Please contact us for further information.  Orders may be initiated by sending us an email.

Again in stock, our Curlybark Crow Bars, & Pinch Bar / Barking Bars.

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