Stockstill welcome to Curlybark, the Distributors of Stockstill cattle immobilizer and animal restraint products.  The original electronic immobilization (EI); all service on the Standard Stockstill; sales, service, parts & information on the Super Stockstill.  Electronic immobilizer, EI, animal immobilizer, cattle immobilizer, Australian Stockstill

Curlybark also manufactures Electrobrand 12Volt electric branding irons. Brands may also be supplied modified to run from 240VAC/12VDC or 24VDC.  We supply all Electrobrand  electric branding iron sales, service, parts & information.  Please contact us for further information.  Orders may be initiated by sending us an email.

Again in stock, our Curlybark Crow Bars, & Pinch Bar / Barking Bars.

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